Why solar inverter?

The first thing that people will think about solar power is solar panels. But there is another important component that needed to convert solar energy into usable power beside solar panel. That component is called an inverter.

The solar inverter is the heart of your solar system that can convert power from the panels into current power that can be used for your home. To understand how it works, we must understand the solar power system processes.

How solar can produce the electricity

The solar production process starts from the photovoltaic panel (PV panel). Sunlight will be captured by the solar panels, then converted to direct current (DC) power. While in household appliances we need alternating current (AC) power. To convert DC to AC, we need a device called solar inverter. Furthermore, the solar inverter will supply AC power to household appliances.

If there is over production, solar inverter will store the energy inside the solar battery. If using a hybrid solar inverter, users can get power backup from the grid if the battery backup is insufficient. Another advantage if you have a hybrid solar inverter, you can also resell the excess production to the grid in order to get some credit.

Benefits of using solar inverter

After knowing how the solar system works. Now here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from installing solar inverter:

  1. Lowering the electricity bill.
  2. Many studies have found that homes equipped with solar power system have a higher property value than none.
  3. Using solar power system means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major problem with air pollution and climate change occurring at the moment.
  4. Each year cost of electricity is rising with unexpected value, by investing in a solar PV system it can protect users from rising electricity cost.
  5. Improve your energy independence on the conventional suppliers of electricity