Hybrid system: A smart solar inverter

A new innovation on solar system is created. Smart solar inverter or hybrid inverter might be the best solution in this modern era.

Due to the reduction of tariff to solar users for each given kWh makes people looking for another new solution which more profitable. Indeed, not all countries change their net metering policies, but if we look at the increasing price of electricity, perhaps all utilities in each country will apply the same policies regarding the tariff. While the innovation of solar batteries seems profitable, but additional equipment for power backup such as generator will cost more. Installing hybrid solar inverter can increase self-consumption, make it more efficient and profitable than other inverters. This system combines the advantages of grid tie inverter/on grid solar inverter and off grid solar inverter. Another advantage of this hybrid solar inverter system is that it can reduce your electricity bill.

How does it works?

Solar panels that produce electricity from solar generate direct current (DC) electricity. Next, it will forward to the solar inverter to convert into alternating current (AC) electricity. If panels energy production are not fully in use for energizing home, then it can also be used to store power in solar batteries.

Usually charging battery is done in the morning until noon when the panel is in production. This energy can thus be used later on or during the night. If there is an excessive solar production, it will return to the grid to get credit or money for each given kWh, this is called feed-in-tariff.

Many current hybrid inverters equipped with backup UPS systems can continue to supply power for the home, eventhough a power outage occurs. With hybrid solar inverter, just by installing battery and solar panels, without the additional backup power such as a generator, user can start produce their own energy and improve their independence on historical energy suppliers. That’s why, today, a lot of people are getting interested in installing a photovoltaic system using a hybrid solar inverter.