Improve the solar self-consumption

Consuming your own solar power production generated by solar panels is called "solar self-consumption". The production of solar energy will be used to power up household appliances.

The proper use of solar energy can maximize the use of solar self-consumption and increase profits.

  • Set the time for the use of electricity

One of the ways to optimize solar power is to change your habit of electricity consumption. If in the past you turn on all electrical equipment at the same time, it increased on the electricity bill. So if you are currently using solar, try to modify this habit.

As an example, do not use two devices that consume a lot of power at the same time. Such us do not use the washing machine and dishwasher at the same time. Arrange these usages at different times. In addition you can also set up a timer for some household appliances to use only during solar production. So it can save the solar battery at night.

  • Battery storage for self-consumption

Having a solar battery is a way to optimize solar self-consumption. Any energy gained from PV panel will be used to power your home and charge the battery. At night you can use the power stored in the solar battery. It’s better than just only return it to the grid.

  • Inverter with smart system

Some inverters on the market are now implementing a smart management system for solar self-consumption optimization. Smart management system that can integrated in the solar inverter is an Artificial Intelligent (A.I) that have learning machine process. Because of the Artificial Intelligent, a solar inverter can detect the user habits regarding on their solar production profile and adapt their operation through a machine learning process. It aims to increase the home autonomy.

A French manufacturer of inverters for self-consumption, IMEON Energy have been developed smart grid system that integrated with Artificial Intelligent, and it can manage solar production more efficiently. IMEON ENERGY is the only manufacturer to design inverters with the ability to learn to continually improve their performance. With IMEON OS ONE, an application manager that allows user to monitor every energy production. It’s accessible by Wi-Fi, so you can configure your IMEON by using any digital device.