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A.I. and IoT in solar inverter

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the sub-domain of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. This is an important thing for the technology industry today. The learning machine process is the main part of Artificial Intelligence, where it is able to analyze each data, control physical operations and make predictions.

In increasingly high level, A.I. can make decisions which have a big impact. Artificial Intelligence is a solution to connect with devices in smart homes, home automation, electrical mobility, etc., so it’s able to follow the future development, both in technology and it’s regulatory.

Internet of Thing (IoT) refers to interrelated devices that can transfer data without human interaction. IoT products are usually associated with smart systems (smart cables, smart inverters, smart grids, etc.) and are often found in manufacturers, electricity, gas, and petroleum. Research on this IoT continues to be developed, especially in the smart home industry.

Some solar manufacturers have implemented A. I and IoT on their solar inverter. Artificial Intelligence in the inverter has functions to detect the solar production profiles and adjust it to the environment. Meanwhile, the Internet of Thing is used to communicate with household appliances that are connected to the web. IoT is also able to determine any damage in the system precisely and in real time.

The best solar inverter today is an inverter that integrated Artificial Intelligence and enter the Internet of Thing world. Usually A.I. and IoT will be applied to application and software connected with inverter. With these things, the solar user is able to monitor what happens with all the solar systems and the devices with a central control panel.

Without IoT it might be difficult to identify the main problem quickly and accurately in real time. Implementation of A.I. with machine learning  process will be able to improve its performance in order to maximize the home autonomy for solar self-consumption.

One of the solar inverter manufacturers that implement A.I. and IoT on its products is IMEON Energy. By implementing both, IMEON solar inverter is able to detect solar production profiles, to understand its environment and adapt them through machine learning processes. It also has the ability to communicate with other in house objects like the Philips Hue lamp. IMEON is the only solar inverter that has the ability to learn in order to improve its performance.